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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been one of the fastest-growing technologies in recent years, and is positioning itself at the core of next-generation software technologies in the market. Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence team partners with small-mid-sized Series A-C startups, as well as larger for-profit companies across a number of industries including, but not limited to, healthcare, automotive & transportation, finance, retail, media, etc. to help identify and solve critical business needs and problems. Specialties include:

  • Machine Learning

    • Deep Learning

    • Reinforcement Learning

    • Unsupervised learning

    • Supervised Learning

  • Natural Language Processing/Natural Language Understanding

    • Text generation

    • Question answering

    • Classification

    • Context extraction

    • Machine translation

  • Speech

    • Speech to text

    • Text to speech

  • Vision

    • Image recognition

    • Machine vision

  • Planning

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